The New World Armory

“Looking for anything in particular?” asks the storekeeper with an unconvincing smile. His face is unshaven and smudged with oil.

“I’d like to buy a gun.”

“A wise decision,” says the storekeeper, nodding approvingly. “What kind of gun do you fancy?”

There are three main weapon types: Energy, Firearms, and Melee. Our design goal isn’t to carefully balance them such that you could bring a dagger or an energy cannon to a firefight and face the same odds, but to give each one its own strengths and drawbacks.

Energy weapons are Earth-made, high-tech projectile weapons produced before the Ship was launched. They are very powerful, single-shot (no burst fire) weapons that deal high damage, but ammunition is limited and since the weapons themselves cannot be replicated on the ship, they are quite rare.

The storekeeper laughs politely, then stops when you don’t join him. “We’ve run out of energy cells a long time ago. The guns aren’t much good without the cells, are they?”

“Run out? Why?”

“Well,” says the man, scratching his stubble, “the Mutiny drained the ammunition depots pretty fast and that was what, a hundred years ago? The Ship was provisioned with weapons to secure the future colony, not to fight a civil war.”

Firearms are Ship-made, usually without the expertise of a gunsmith or the luxury of a machine shop. Thus they are typically crude and less accurate than energy weapons, but have superior rate of fire (burst, multiple barrels, etc). Firearms ammunition is readily available, but not cheap, so unless you’re swimming in cash, you’ll have to consider alternatives such as melee weapons.

Melee weapons are a very diverse class, including both Earth-made tools like the Power Saw, and Ship-made weapons like the Chopper and Brass Knuckles.

Like a pirate who carried two loaded flintlocks and a cutlass, your typical adventurer might have an energy pistol charged to fire a shot or two on special occasions, a .45 revolver, an SMG with two full magazines to get you out of tight spots fast, and an axe, for when things get really dicey.

The above mentioned groups are split into 9 different skills and over 100 different weapons.

Whereas in the Age of Decadence we had 40 unique weapon models, Colony Ship will offer you over 100 unique weapons, not including minor variations and upgrades.

If you choose to specialize in pistols, for example, you won’t be stuck with the same basic weapon that does the same thing. You will have options and tactical – not cosmetic – variety.

“Pistols are a popular choice,”  nods the storekeeper. “There are three routes you can take:

“Accuracy requires a long barrel. It will slow you down a bit in a fight, but gives you a big advantage at a distance. If you want to unload in a hurry, use a revolver. A timeless classic, but less accurate at range. If you’re the sort of person who can’t stand to lose an argument, I suggest our third option: extra barrels. Awful slow to reload but if you empty all four chambers in someone’s face you should have the rest of the day to do so at your leisure.”

Here is a brief preview of what to expect:



A hand-forged chopper with a hand guard. The heavy, recurved blade makes this an excellent hacking tool, in case you find yourself in dense jungle or simply want to dismember someone.



 A precisely calibrated bullpup assault rifle. This deadly firearm was assembled by a real gunsmith from machined components instead of spare parts. Must have cost a fortune. 



Except for regular wear and tear, this custom-built four-barrel blunderbuss is in excellent condition. Better not neglect your wrist workout if you favor a gun like this.  



A low-end revolver for the economically minded. Its range and accuracy leave much to be desired but at least it's made from real steel.  



Why punch someone a dozen times when once will do? This elegant push dagger will punch holes in armor as well as people.  



A multi-barrel shotgun suitable for parties, meetings, or when you're just tired of waiting in line. Fancy marksmanship not required.



What this submachine gun lacks in beauty, it makes up in shoddy construction, but if it blows up in your hand perhaps the enemy will catch some of the shrapnel...  



A well-made SMG with custom grips. This is the pinnacle of what can be accomplished without a real machine shop.  



A quality compact SMG. Though the previous owner didn't believe in regular maintenance, it was a fine piece of work back in the day. 



This gilded energy pistol was an officer's side-arm before the Mutiny. A sign of authority, it was designed for marksmanship rather than rapid fire. Today it's a very expensive memento of a long-gone past, unless you have spare energy cells to burn. 



A multi-purpose survival axe carried half-way across the galaxy to provide the future colonists with reliable tools, should they ever find themselves in a dire situation. Turned out there are plenty of dire situations aboard the Ship, so might as well put this axe to good use now. 



An old and battered power saw that was once capable of cutting through reinforced steel. Fortunately, it's still capable of cutting through armor and bone, provided you manage to get close enough. Granted, it's not a proton axe, but it's the next best thing.



An affordable precision rifle for civilian use, which is a fancy way of saying 'cheap long range gun with subpar stats'. Back on Earth its only redeeming quality was that it could be easily outfitted with military-grade replacement parts. Here, in the land of crude firearms, even a standard issue energy gun is king.