The New World Companions

During the course of the game you’ll meet many colorful characters who might be persuaded to join you on your quest. These characters will have their own beliefs and in some cases agendas and won’t follow you blindly. Hire them at your own risk.

Your adventure starts in the Pit – a container town rising from Cargo Hold #3.



Being a gunfighter is a quick and easy way to make a living in the Pit. All you need is a gun and enthusiasm. It’s also the fastest way to end up dead which doesn’t seem to discourage the newcomers in this trade. They all think they’re going to live forever until they go against someone who’s better and faster.

Evans learned the realities of his new trade the hard way. In the first test of his skills, Evans got lucky and killed his opponent when the man fumbled his draw. Full of confidence and riding high, Evans followed up by challenging a far more experienced gunfighter who planted three bullets in his chest and left him for dead. Evans eventually recovered, but looking at the outcomes of his first two gunfights anyone can see his luck is about used up.



Dinah is the kind of woman the Pit breeds by the gross, a rootless nobody without a family, home or future. Absent any special skills, she signed up with a scavenging crew, too naive to realize they were all first-timers like herself. After three months spent combing the relatively safe decks which had been picked clean a long time ago, her crew was faced with a hard choice: keep searching farther in, with increased danger but at least some chance of a payoff, or return empty-handed and take a job in the "service" industry. They decided to keep going and the very next day they were ambushed by another crew.

Dinah would have died out there with the other amateurs had a Regulators patrol not happened on the scene. The enemy scavs didn't heed the warning to drop their weapons – possibly because it was simultaneous with the Regulators opening fire – and were gunned down without mercy. With that one brief moment of good fortune behind her, she was taken into custody, pending the appearance of some benefactor to pay her recovery fee.


Jedidiah Walker, or ol' Jed as he's commonly known, will tell you he's traveled the Ship from stem to stern and made deals with every type of merchant, fanatic and scav known to the void. How such a prominent explorer and trader ended up living in a rusted out container furnished with other people's cast-offs is a mystery, but one thing is indisputable: the man's broke.

Jed started off as a scavenger way back when you could do the job without an armed crew to watch your back. After a few profitable runs, he invested his gains in algae farming, getting into the field right at the start of its rapid decline. From there he tried his hand at a variety of jobs until eventually he ended up contracting out to a trader as a bodyguard.

By Jed's account, the trader and the other guard were killed in a vicious ambush on their very first run together. Fortunately, perhaps due to some kind of prophetic gift, his employer had made out a warrant leaving all his worldly goods to Jed in the event of his demise. Successfully delivering those goods to the Mutant Town, Jed discovered his true talent: trading.


Bill Garrett had been 14 years old and on his own for one whole week when he got his first lesson on human nature, a double-cross which cost him every credit to his name. After that he began to pay attention, and what he learned was that smooth talk and manners were a blind. Every man was a snake and a back-shooter if you gave him the chance and, except for smelling better, women were the same. Better to save the talk and do your shooting first. That way you control the situation. That way you stay alive.

Bill has spent the intervening decades taxing the Ship's organic recycling systems with the remains of everyone who got on his wrong side. Many of them didn't know what side they were on until they saw the muzzle flash. With a reputation almost as big as the Ship itself, no one approaches Bill Garrett unless they have business with him, of one kind or another.