Update #27 - First Animations

Our train seems to be speeding up. Here is what we managed to scratch off the list in the last 3 months:

- Loot screen
- Trade screen
- Character appearance customization (the system is in place, all we need are the art assets)
- Options menu
- Char creation screen
- Attack effects / Status effects (different effects can be assigned to attacks and applied on hit)
- Clothes and weapon items visual mechanics: showing/hiding, opacity masks
- Visual attack effects: muzzle flashes, sounds, particles
- Party inventory
- More animation states: more characters' body poses and better transitions between them
- Attacks of opportunity, interrupt attacks, reaction shots
- Combat AI (in progress)
- Grenades (in progress)

And now some pistol animations for your amusement:

Snap Shot:

Regular Shot:

Aimed Shot:

Fanning (revolvers only):

While suggestions are always welcome, keep in mind that the in-game size will be much smaller:

We have fifteen unique attacks (at the moment). Each attack has many different animations. Plus knockdowns, dodging (melee only), crouching, idle, a variety of death animations, etc. Overall, the combat system alone has over 200 animations, so hopefully you won't be bored.