Aug update - First ending, fixes, and improvements

a LOT of fixes and improvements, you must restart Ganezzar (i.e. use a save game BEFORE you arrived to Ganezzar) to see them.

New content:

  • Two quests continuing Hector/Darganus questlines, featuring Miltiades
  • The very first ending* of the game (ask Bennie to perform the ritual on you)
  • Minor conversations with Varro and Athanasius after the siege
  • 6 death descriptions (some assassins quests, scorpion, construct, Faelan, the breach fight)


  • You can save after IG3 fight, increase skills, change gear, etc, before going to Maadoran.
  • Improved the Ordu camp's visuals, added alchemy ingredients.
  • Added a few extra options in some of the Teron encounters.
  • You can explore Teron after the MG questline is over.
  • You can interact with some artifacts in your inventory to identify or activate them.
  • Livia got a brand new portrait.
  • Improved Ganezzar's visuals
  • New and improved models.
  • Confirm box for dropping an item.
  • Added "none" hair option for female characters
  • Alchemical items' prices are now modified by their level.
  • Changed Shorty's trading inventory.
  • Raiders' camp CS check increased.
  • Minor IG4 tweaks (combat and flow)
  • Increased the price modifiers for crafted items.
  • Increased material needed for repair from 0.2 to 0.5.
  • Gaelius now has the Crimson Eye on him.
  • Merchants start with the commercium ring.
  • Added civil SP reward for giving Hamza a fake name in MG5
  • Increased ingots rewards in the well.
  • Vitus gives you more steel and a few sharpening stones.
  • If you are affected by the "camera bug" in which you can zoom out forever, press the Center Camera button to fix it (and remember to report the issue!).
  • Tweaked some Teron's compound infiltration checks and added an option to investigate the dining room if you killed the patrolling guard.
  • Increased Livia's training.
  • Removed the need to click on the gate to leave Ganezzar and increased the size of the trigger for players first entering the city.
  • Praetors are no longer forced to see Meru right away when they arrive to the city.
  • You don't have to take Meru to Al-Akia right away when you join House Crassus.
  • Grifter now starts with a dagger.
  • The Abyss is closed for maintenance after you arrive to Ganezzar.
  • Reduced whetstone base price to 50 (from 100).
  • CS Training after AG1 increased to 10.
  • You are no longer forced to take the gold or return to Levir in TG4.
  • Added etiquette and lore checks with Lorenza in MG4.
  • Lowered the cost of higher skill levels
  • Rebalanced the MG questline, more CHA and extra checks in some quests.
  • Rebalanced the lore checks to use the entire 1-10 scale.
  • You can now place one-handed crossbow and bolter in the belt bags.
  • Broken armor lowers weight and price.
  • Feint no longer selectable if you have a shield.


  • Serenas taking more money than intended in HD questline.
  • Loop in IG4 if you convinced Strabos to tell you what he knows.
  • The first wave did not appear in IG6 if you didn't do anything at the Ordu camp.
  • Inverted info for the sharpened weapons' strikes and damage.
  • Siege of Ganezzar when you travel there from Caer-Tor.
  • Silver tongued devil rank added incorrectly in MG2 (belongs to TG3).
  • Being able to ask about poison if the mine situation was already solved.
  • Trading bonuses description.
  • Power armor should no longer be damaged.
  • Camera issue after talking to Strabos at the end of MG6.
  • Tower guards dodging instead of blocking.
  • Escaping Zamedi as a thief or Daratan praetor should no longer show the Teron ending slides or end the game.
  • Distracting the guards in TG3 properly sends one of your man to take care of the crossbowman.
  • Crash when fighting Hagnon as IG is his tent.
  • Passability in Mountain Monastery and Dead River that allowed you to "fly".
  • Camera issue after passing the IG trial in Maadoran.
  • Being able to join the expedition as an HA praetor twice.
  • HA praetor being able to suggest going through the tunnels.
  • The Ordu killing the IG triggers a proper ending.
  • Proper Ganezzar state after HA taking over Ganezzar (with guards/ordu).
  • Ganezzar's medicus now has dialogue.
  • Loop in Meru's star chamber dialogue for praetors wanting to join him.
  • Portrait issues with Decanus in the mines.
  • You can report to Gaelius if Meru dies during the Al-Akia event.
  • Streetwise/impersonate check with the raider leader in Aemolas village.
  • Passability of siege elements in Ganezzar.
  • Sneaking into the mine and activating the machines take you to Gaelius, not drop you in Maadoran.
  • Being to enter the barracks after MG2.
  • A wrong version of the bringer of storms is no longer sold in the exotic emporium.
  • You use the robe when you disguise yourself to get the power armor.
  • You can now leave Darganus' house.
  • The guardian properly takes the ring in all situations.
  • The game ending notes the guardian is locked inside the tower.
  • If you return to the tower, the guardian will attack if you ran away with the ring.
  • Livia's fight not granting SP.
  • IG questline becoming MG questline in Al-Akia.
  • Narrative and bugs in post Abyss Ganezzar quest.
  • Slide text error in Balzaar ending.
  • Commercium questline is no longer available to all in Ganezzar.
  • Ganezzar traders have proper inventories
  • You can no longer escape combat in Darius tomb by clicking on the sarcophagus.
  • loop in the gem quest.
  • You can't finish MDN AG questline and then join HA as a praetor.
  • Added CS training and body count to several CS checks that were missing it.
  • Workers not carrying objects when loading a save.
  • Cleave critical now ignores armor.
  • Meru's loremaster not appearing when he should.
  • Transfer All no longer transfers unlootable items.
  • scorpions having no attack and defense skills.

Combat Balance:

We hit the word limit, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Release plans:

We’re planning to release the game in October. So far we’re on track and we fixed a lot of issues in the last 2 months, as you can see. For the next 2 months we’re switching from monthly to bi-weekly updates to respond faster.

We’re planning to release the final location by the end of August. At that point the game will be content-complete. We’ll test, tweak, and polish through September and early October (so far we’ve allocated 6 weeks) and release.

Thank you for your support and don't forget to restart Ganezzar to see the changes.