April update - 5 new locations!

Welcome to update #4. It’s a ‘major’ update for us (and a big chunk of content, bringing the number of available locations to 15 out of 22) and we’d like to introduce it properly to make sure that the players won’t miss the new locations (which is easy to do since the game is non-linear). Without further ado: 

Aemolas’ village

This location is available only if you: 

  • Helped a group of refugees get into Teron 
  • Talked to Aemolas after and were deemed trustworthy enough (positive Word of Honor reputation) to be asked to retrieve his stash.

The village is full of raiders, but there are quite a few options there, including a rare opportunity to put your scoped crossbow to good use or have some double- and triple-crossing fun. Sorta like a menage a trois where everyone gets fucked but you. 

The Library of Saross

Available only if you talked to Abukar the Mad and learned about his trip to the Library. It’s an important location because: 

  • You finally get to use that sphere you found at the beginning of the game (IF you found it) 
  • You learn more information, provided you can get into the hidden chamber and translate the message 
  • You can unlock an optional and very creepy (but extremely rewarding) ending. Naturally, you don’t get that ending right away, but you unlock the path that can lead you to it. If you have the balls. 
  • Unlock the Arch and Inferiae locations.
The Arch

There are two ways to unlock it: the above-mention Library or faithful service to Lord Meru. Since the latter isn’t available yet, look for the clues at the library. So, what makes this location special and why should you care? 

  • You should. You really, really should. It’s that place where you wave Kansas good-bye. 
  • You will finally be able to use both the eye and the glove. How exciting. 
  • You will meet your old pal Esbenus. Unless you killed him, in which case you’ll miss out on a beautiful relationship. 
  • You will make new friends. Powerful friends. From the other side. 
  • You can unlock Inferiae in case you failed to do so at the Library.

It's a desert village sitting on top of a place of power. Points of interest: 

  • You’ll meet the very first character who’s actually been inside the temple you’re seeking (thus confirming that it does exist, among other things). 
  • Play your cards right and you’ll be thrown into the ‘underworld’, which unlocks a bumpy ride that will lead you all the way to the top (of one of Maadoran’s minarets). The Eye thing will come in handy there. 
  • You can unlock another location that will lead you to the temple. For obvious reasons this location isn’t included in this update. 
  • You can learn how to use one of those fancy semi-sphere consoles. 
  • You can learn more lore stuff and connect more dots.
The Monastery

You can unlock this location by becoming a repeat customer of the healer (heavy wounds only). Impressed by your badassery (or at least your ability to survive the most grievous of injuries), the healer will ask you to fetch an ancient elixir that will improve your self-esteem and cellular regeneration, whatever that is. 

Points of interest: 

  • Raiders 
  • Ancient mysteries and sacred liquids 
  • Chambers deep inside a mountain 
  • Huge doors that can’t be opened by mortal hands 
  • Moral choices (must have morals in the first place to qualify), otherwise just join the raiders and have yourself a lovely day, full of plundering and pillaging.

The next month’s update will add another location - Caer-Tor, the Imperial Guards’ headquarters, which will introduce Dux Paullus and unlock the path to yet another ending where the Guards becomes Templars – the guardians of the temple. 

The remaining 6 end-game locations will be released when the game is out. We’re aiming to start the final beta test in June and expect it to run for 2-3 months. We’ll continue to update and improve the Early Access build on a monthly basis, adding more content (characters, dialogues, items, etc) and general improvements. 


While your saves should work, we recommend starting a new game to avoid any scripting issues.