May update - new location and improvements

New Location: Caer-Tor 

It’s the Imperial Guards’ headquarters and thus available only to the Guards after dealing with the Ordu. This isn’t a ‘single stop’ location and it will remain active (new quests and solutions to other quests) until the end of the game, so you’ll have reasons to revisit it later. 

At this stage, you’re still viewed with suspicion (on account of being associated with a rogue commander), so step 1 is to prove yourself once again. Should you succeed, you’ll become an agent of destruction who can be instantly disavowed and whose screw-ups or even involvement cab be blamed on said rogue commander. 

Characters of interest: 

Dux Paullus who rules supreme, Legatus Raenas who’s a bit too young but extremely loyal and not very bright, Legatus Carbo whom you’ve already met, three Centurions, and a Quartermaster with an exceptionally sunny outlook. 

Improvements and changes: 

  • You can now properly explore the chamber at the bottom of the Abyss (before it was done via the dialogue window). 
  • Added Snipe attack for the scoped crossbow – a high AP attack that removes the THC distance penalty (but adds a penalty for close combat attacks) and increases Critical Strike chance. 
  • Increased the effect of the regeneration potion to 4 HP per turn. 
  • Reduced Khopesh and Shamshir counter-attack bonus to 10. 
  • Increased the effect of hammers’ knockdown attack to 2 turns.


  • Abyss: Fixed the SP loop on leaving without touching anything. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed a critical strike issue when you kill a raider while sneaking. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed the 'ghost NPC' issue when you kill the raiders via the sniping text adventure. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed 'getting the gold twice' issue if you sneak in first and then kill everyone. 
  • Inferiae: Fixed the portal issue when you sneak inside, activate the portal and try to escape through it. 
  • Inferiae: Fixed 'combat not starting' bug when you sneak inside, activate the portal and then attack the demon. 
  • Zamedi: Fixed an ending slide error when you ran away from the demon and end the game.
  • Zamedi: Fixed 'escaping the tower' SP loop. 
  • Mountain Pass: Ramirus no longer sells infinite ghost hand gloves. 
  • Mountain Pass: Fixed 'questioning Ramirus' issue. 
  • Monastery: Now the villagers will go hostile if attacked after leaving the location and coming back. 
  • Misc: Fixed wrong tag showing merchant instead of grifter. 
  • Misc: Fixed wrong rank showing Legionary instead of Mind Shield. 
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue with hammers not getting the passive bonus increase. 
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue with swords and bows not getting the CS passive bonus. 
  • Weapons: Fixed the stats of the scoped crossbows.

As always, we’re very grateful to the Steam community for their support and willingness to try new things. We couldn't have made it this far without you, guys.