Ganezzar beta - week 1

As I mentioned in the previous announcement, we’re planning to update the Beta on a weekly basis until the third chapter is completed, then we’ll go back to monthly updates until the game is out. So, week 1...

Week 1

  • Added the Aurelian Praetor questline
  • Added the ‘Hangar’ (to unlock talk to the cartographer Domitius sent you to)
  • Added the power armor quest (at the moment the quest is available to all regardless of whether or not you got the quest in Maadoran)
  • Added a new NPC near the ‘pillar of skulls’
  • Added tooltips for the attacks
  • Added traits descriptions
  • Fixed various scripting issues and bugs (antidote should be working as advertised now)
  • Fixed journal crashes (hopefully for good, but if you do get one, let us know and describe the steps to reproduce)
  • Added filler NPCs to Lowtown in Ganezzar
  • Made visual improvements
What to expect next week:
  • Daratan Praetor questline
  • *Possibly* Crassus Praetor questline (there is a lot of stuff there so we might push it to week 3)
  • new quests
  • new NPCs
  • Improved Ganezzar (art, filler NPCs, text descriptions)
  • Various design improvements and fixes
Power armor

It’s working but it’s still rough around the edges. There are 3 modes plus an optional 4th mode. Right click on the armor’s icon in the inventory to interact with it. Once it’s charged, you’ll be able to go through the different modes the same way you go through different attacks. There are no tooltips yet to explain what does what, but they are coming. Play with it (keep in mind it’s work in progress and the very first iteration of the armor), then post your thoughts and suggestions. As usual, we’ll go through them and improve the design with your help.

As always, thank you for your support.