Ganezzar beta - week 2

This week's changelog:

  • Added House Daratan questline
  • Added two NPCs (one shows up only when the city is under siege)
  • Removed the 'horse travel', now you can exit the city via the gate and use the world map to travel.
  • Fixed the combat loop in AG7
  • Added gunner's log in the Hangar location
  • Fixed infinite XP loop when talking to Gaelius after Zamedi
  • You can now travel to Ganezzar after killing Gaelius in the AG questline
  • Added a combat panel showing your Attack and Defense stats (it's pretty cool even if I do say so myself)
  • Hovering your mouse over the enemy shows the THC breakdown
  • More tooltips and minor improvements (like color-coordinated textbox)

In the next week's episode Lord Meru will join the Dark Side. Stay tuned.