Ganezzar beta - week 4

This week's changelog:

  • Added House Crassus questline
  • Added the ruins of Al-Akia (first pass, will be developed further in the upcoming updates)
  • Added two NPCs in Ganezzar (a guard and a local guide)
  • Added descriptions in Lowtown
  • Added several new Dodge animations
  • Fixed Critical Strike's bleeding effect
  • Minor interface improvements (new talk icon, fade on dialogue start, AoO/IA tooltips on tiles, etc)

Some notes:

  1. The issue causing NPC who should be gone or dead to return should be fixed or seems to be fixed. For now it's fixed in the beta only, so if you're playing the beta and run into this problem again, please post detailed reproduction steps.
  2. The fight involving Faelan (where he takes over some enemies and turn them into allies) is too easy at the moment. The difficulty will go up once we improve the combat AI (the next task for our programmer).

Plans for next week:

  • "Maadoran is destroyed" / "House Aurelian is ruined" questlines
  • Al-Akia exploration improvements
  • Visual improvements
  • More NPCs and text descriptions

That would complete the faction questlines and allow us to focus on Ganezzar's side quests and visuals.