Ganezzar beta - week 7

This week's changelog:

  • Added a House Daratan quest if Maadoran or House Aurelian is destroyed and if you rejected Lord Meru's offer.
  • Added a conversation with Meru at the ruins of Al-Akia (when you enter the complex)
  • Added 'plague' side quest
  • Added an opportunity to blackmail one of the traders
  • Added the first quest in a longer branching side quest chain and corresponding characters - find Elias in one of Lowtown's buidlings to get the ball rolling
  • You can continue to Ganezzar from Maadoran's catacombs
  • Fixed a coordinate bug in the outpost near Teron when climbing the fence
  • Reduced armor penalties for blockers (cut in half)
  • STR is now the governing stat of Block (once again and in light of recent changes)
  • CON provides a small defensive bonus; we're considering a larger bonus to reduce armor's penalties (which makes sense)

The next update will be released by the end of the month. It will include:

  • visual improvements and art assets
  • new side quests, probably 4-5, maybe more
  • new characters to talk to (working on an annalist who can tell about House Crassus' origins as we speak)
  • extended conversations with the faction leaders (personal stories and such)
  • hopefully new portraits - Hector needs one
  • possibly a couple of items requested by the community: a custom short spear and a sledgehammer
  • journal entries

As always, we thank you for your support and patience.