Ganezzar beta - week 10

Almost there.


Here is the list of all currently available content for the 3 'beta' locations:

  • Ganezzar’s Faction questlines (HD, HA, HC, MG, AG, TG, IG)
  • Maadoran is destroyed scenario
  • House Aurelian is destroyed scenario

Ganezzar’s side quests and situations

  • Plague (unlocks Dead River)
  • Elias (unlocks 2 questlines)
  • Trader’s blackmail
  • Power armor quest
  • Zealots when you enter the city
  • If Arena champion – the fort
  • Hector’s quests
  • Darganus' quests

Ganezzar’s NPCs to talk to:

  • Philosopher
  • Preacher
  • Cartographer (quest-related)
  • Nobleman
  • MG clerk
  • Guard at the stairs
  • Local guide
  • Zealot near the pillar of skulls
  • Refugee
  • Mercenary
  • Annalist
  • Feng
  • The Second Acolyte
  • Zealot in the tavern
  • Amulet trader


  • The ritual (need Meru)
  • First of the Magi’s Log
  • Administrator’s Log
  • Qantari Sword
  • Aegis (artefact)


  • Ship: need the jellyfish artefact and either the mantra or high Lore to pilot
  • Gunner’s log
  • Captain’s log
  • Ghost Hand (artefact, in case you couldn't get one at the pass)

All this content is in. Today's updated added another arena (the fort, only if you're the champion of Maadoran's arena, otherwise keep walking), Hector and Darganus' quests, honorary mention of your pal Miltiades, the annalist, the Second Acolyte (if there is the First Acolyte, why not the second?), Claudia - a charming country girl with the heart of gold and her own portrait, your old pal Feng, extended conversation with Varro about his motives, and probably something else.

What's still missing?

  • The final Hector/Darganus' quests.
  • Tower infiltration to open the gates (siege only).
  • Journal (we're half done but didn't have a chance to finish it).
  • Achievements

We should be able to do everything but the achievements in a week. If there are no issues with the existing content, we'll end the beta and release this content to Early Access.


We added the long awaited Legatus' tent, some siege elements, improved Meru's throne room, added new houses and interiors.

We also added new portraits, several new items and new icons for the existing unique items.


  • Armor can be damaged in combat and repaired. Damaged armor has lower Damage Resistance. Take it to your local blacksmith for repair or repair it yourself with the magic of Crafting!
  • Hardened and Hardened Edge techniques no longer increase damage or DR. Never liked it, didn't have anything to replace them with. Until now! Now they increase armor's hardness (defense against damage to DR not your health) and weapon's hardness (chance to damage armor's DR)
  • But what about my damage? Not to worry, my good man, buy yourself a sharpening stone and go nuts. Keep in mind, the stones come from a mine up north and are somewhat of a rarity, so use them wisely.
  • Now you can craft helmets and shields! Aint that something?
  • Now you get up to 4 techniques (that's like twice as many!)
  • Changes to armor stats and block (lower penalties, higher DR to compensate for damage and removed Hardened technique); the Imperial Armor will turn you into a juggernaut.

* * *

Some pictures for the easily amused:



Meru continues on his journey of self-discovery

Hammer creatively called That Which Kills, Darius' armor, one-handed spear (as requested) called Vindicator.