June update - 21 out of 22 locations are now available!

New content:

- 2 new locations: Hellgate and Dead River
- 2 new enemy types: a spider-like constuct and a giant scorpion

- a loremaster who lost most of his marbles, an elder who can't show you his face because he's too pretty, and 2 new items (the Divine Spear and a homemade protection amulet)

- a second conversation with your 'friend from the other side'; keep in mind that the Aegis suit will protect you from the 'elements' but not from the 'friend' who will kill you unless you're working for Balzaar now.


- Darius' armor, Al-Sahir's armor, and Bringer of Storms (broadsword) have unique icons.
- Nets now appear on affected characters' models.
- Rebalanced stats of unique weapons and armor.
- Balanced the number of nets found on traders.
- Balanced and added dialogue checks to improve flow
- Added more civil SP rewards.
- Tweaked armor and helmet crafting schematics.
- You can now craft Lorica Hamata (chainmail).
- Buying price now goes from 125 to 100 percent (before: 150 to 100).
- Antidote is available earlier, more levels.


- Fixed camera issue after asking the blacksmith to repair items.
- Critical strike to arms reduced dexterity instead of strength.
- Nets' effect doesn't stack anymore.
- Fixed most (hopefully all) coordinates issue and crashes in old and new Teron
- Fixed dialogue illustrations' issues in certain screen resolutions.
- Added armor damage chance to all weapons
- Added a proper conversation with Cado in MG Teron. Now all issues with repeating quests and teleporting should be fixed.
- Fixed issue with Aemolas and some merchants teleporting in new Teron versions.
- You can't attack Faelan while under his control anymore (when he forces you to fight your comrades).[/list]

What's left?

- the final location (the temple) and the associated endgame content
- the monastery's lower level, accessible via portals
- to be able to use the console at the tower of Zamedi and access the databanks
- negative reputation effects
- extra quest options, like infiltrating a tower instead of charging into the breach or being able to talk your way past the Aurelian soldiers
- extra quests like Lord Miltiades long awaited arrival to Ganezzar (only if you vouched for him and said that he's the noblest of men.
- extra flavor like the body of a certain 'god' being displayed for a few coins, minor conversations here and there, extra training, etc.[/list]

We'll save the temple for last and focus on everything else for now, improving and polishing the experience leading up to the temple.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience. We wouldn't have made it this far without you giving the game a chance.