December update - tutorial, gui changes, improvements

First of all, we want to thank you for your support, for giving the game a chance and not giving up after dying in the first fight. Means a lot to us.

We're going to update the game regularly, adding more quests and quest solutions, characters, items, techniques, locations, and improving the overall design and visuals, so stay tuned for more updates.

The launch highlighted many issues and generated a lot of feedback, so we spent the last 4 weeks working on the first update. Notable changes:

  • A long overdue tutorial. Now you can fight in a mini-arena against several opponents before you start the game, which will make it easier for new players to learn the system, without the story elements getting in the way and the need to make a new character every time you’re killed. It replaces the awesome difficulty mode, which wasn’t really that awesome or helpful.
  • A new and improved character screen! Now with 50% more info! Must see to believe!
  • 6 new traders in Maadoran with improved inventories and unique items to spend your hard-earned money on.
  • Speaking of your hard-earned money, the economic reforms aimed to deliver prosperity have failed and wiped out everyone’s savings. So, no more running around with pockets full of gold. A free soup kitchen DLC will be added later.
  • A truckload of bug fixes, balance tweaks, reputation adjustments, quest improvements. For example, now you can talk your way out of the ambush in the merchants guild’s questline, have more options during the infiltration of Gaelius’ palace, options during the fight at the Antidas’ compound , Antidas dying now lowers the morale of the Daratan guards, reducing their attack and defense.
  • More training. Earning more skill points and weapon bonuses has never been easier. Just talk to many ever-helpful NPCs (like Dellar and Feng) and they will gladly impart their wisdom unto you (may require high reputation and charisma, terms and conditions may apply).
  • The crafting techniques you have now will no longer have to be acquired in-game as we don’t want you to invest valuable points into Crafting and then fail to find more than 2-3 techniques. New, appropriately rare techniques will be added instead. So, you keep what you have now as your standard set of techniques and get rare techniques if you’re lucky.
  • We’ve started adding alchemical ingredients that you will be able to gather at different places. The demo alchemist will stick around until we finish it.
  • The game now features a built-in crash reporting system. Send us a crash report, and we will know when, how, and how the hell your game crashed!

For a complete and detailed list of changes, check here: Update 1 Changelog

Also, we’re working on Achievements (will be added in the next update). The first batch is 65 achievements tracking your adventures and glory, but we’ll probably have around 120-150 due to the high number of different things you can do in-game.

Sneak preview:

  • Interrogator
  • On His Lordship’s Secret Service
  • "Good Morrow to You, Magistrate!"
  • Under New Management
  • “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you."
  • Killed more people than malaria (for men of much violence and fans of Justified)
  • "Is life always this hard?"

Achievements Icons Preview

Well, that’s about it. So, go try the updated demo and EA and let us know what you think. Thank you again for your support. We would have never made it this far without you.