May update - new location and improvements

New Location: Caer-Tor 

It’s the Imperial Guards’ headquarters and thus available only to the Guards after dealing with the Ordu. This isn’t a ‘single stop’ location and it will remain active (new quests and solutions to other quests) until the end of the game, so you’ll have reasons to revisit it later. 

At this stage, you’re still viewed with suspicion (on account of being associated with a rogue commander), so step 1 is to prove yourself once again. Should you succeed, you’ll become an agent of destruction who can be instantly disavowed and whose screw-ups or even involvement cab be blamed on said rogue commander. 

Characters of interest: 

Dux Paullus who rules supreme, Legatus Raenas who’s a bit too young but extremely loyal and not very bright, Legatus Carbo whom you’ve already met, three Centurions, and a Quartermaster with an exceptionally sunny outlook. 

Improvements and changes: 

  • You can now properly explore the chamber at the bottom of the Abyss (before it was done via the dialogue window). 
  • Added Snipe attack for the scoped crossbow – a high AP attack that removes the THC distance penalty (but adds a penalty for close combat attacks) and increases Critical Strike chance. 
  • Increased the effect of the regeneration potion to 4 HP per turn. 
  • Reduced Khopesh and Shamshir counter-attack bonus to 10. 
  • Increased the effect of hammers’ knockdown attack to 2 turns.


  • Abyss: Fixed the SP loop on leaving without touching anything. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed a critical strike issue when you kill a raider while sneaking. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed the 'ghost NPC' issue when you kill the raiders via the sniping text adventure. 
  • Aemolas village: Fixed 'getting the gold twice' issue if you sneak in first and then kill everyone. 
  • Inferiae: Fixed the portal issue when you sneak inside, activate the portal and try to escape through it. 
  • Inferiae: Fixed 'combat not starting' bug when you sneak inside, activate the portal and then attack the demon. 
  • Zamedi: Fixed an ending slide error when you ran away from the demon and end the game.
  • Zamedi: Fixed 'escaping the tower' SP loop. 
  • Mountain Pass: Ramirus no longer sells infinite ghost hand gloves. 
  • Mountain Pass: Fixed 'questioning Ramirus' issue. 
  • Monastery: Now the villagers will go hostile if attacked after leaving the location and coming back. 
  • Misc: Fixed wrong tag showing merchant instead of grifter. 
  • Misc: Fixed wrong rank showing Legionary instead of Mind Shield. 
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue with hammers not getting the passive bonus increase. 
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue with swords and bows not getting the CS passive bonus. 
  • Weapons: Fixed the stats of the scoped crossbows.

As always, we’re very grateful to the Steam community for their support and willingness to try new things. We couldn't have made it this far without you, guys. 

April update - 5 new locations!

Welcome to update #4. It’s a ‘major’ update for us (and a big chunk of content, bringing the number of available locations to 15 out of 22) and we’d like to introduce it properly to make sure that the players won’t miss the new locations (which is easy to do since the game is non-linear). Without further ado: 

Aemolas’ village

This location is available only if you: 

  • Helped a group of refugees get into Teron 
  • Talked to Aemolas after and were deemed trustworthy enough (positive Word of Honor reputation) to be asked to retrieve his stash.

The village is full of raiders, but there are quite a few options there, including a rare opportunity to put your scoped crossbow to good use or have some double- and triple-crossing fun. Sorta like a menage a trois where everyone gets fucked but you. 

The Library of Saross

Available only if you talked to Abukar the Mad and learned about his trip to the Library. It’s an important location because: 

  • You finally get to use that sphere you found at the beginning of the game (IF you found it) 
  • You learn more information, provided you can get into the hidden chamber and translate the message 
  • You can unlock an optional and very creepy (but extremely rewarding) ending. Naturally, you don’t get that ending right away, but you unlock the path that can lead you to it. If you have the balls. 
  • Unlock the Arch and Inferiae locations.
The Arch

There are two ways to unlock it: the above-mention Library or faithful service to Lord Meru. Since the latter isn’t available yet, look for the clues at the library. So, what makes this location special and why should you care? 

  • You should. You really, really should. It’s that place where you wave Kansas good-bye. 
  • You will finally be able to use both the eye and the glove. How exciting. 
  • You will meet your old pal Esbenus. Unless you killed him, in which case you’ll miss out on a beautiful relationship. 
  • You will make new friends. Powerful friends. From the other side. 
  • You can unlock Inferiae in case you failed to do so at the Library.

It's a desert village sitting on top of a place of power. Points of interest: 

  • You’ll meet the very first character who’s actually been inside the temple you’re seeking (thus confirming that it does exist, among other things). 
  • Play your cards right and you’ll be thrown into the ‘underworld’, which unlocks a bumpy ride that will lead you all the way to the top (of one of Maadoran’s minarets). The Eye thing will come in handy there. 
  • You can unlock another location that will lead you to the temple. For obvious reasons this location isn’t included in this update. 
  • You can learn how to use one of those fancy semi-sphere consoles. 
  • You can learn more lore stuff and connect more dots.
The Monastery

You can unlock this location by becoming a repeat customer of the healer (heavy wounds only). Impressed by your badassery (or at least your ability to survive the most grievous of injuries), the healer will ask you to fetch an ancient elixir that will improve your self-esteem and cellular regeneration, whatever that is. 

Points of interest: 

  • Raiders 
  • Ancient mysteries and sacred liquids 
  • Chambers deep inside a mountain 
  • Huge doors that can’t be opened by mortal hands 
  • Moral choices (must have morals in the first place to qualify), otherwise just join the raiders and have yourself a lovely day, full of plundering and pillaging.

The next month’s update will add another location - Caer-Tor, the Imperial Guards’ headquarters, which will introduce Dux Paullus and unlock the path to yet another ending where the Guards becomes Templars – the guardians of the temple. 

The remaining 6 end-game locations will be released when the game is out. We’re aiming to start the final beta test in June and expect it to run for 2-3 months. We’ll continue to update and improve the Early Access build on a monthly basis, adding more content (characters, dialogues, items, etc) and general improvements. 


While your saves should work, we recommend starting a new game to avoid any scripting issues.

March update - new quests, characters, and improvements

Our third update is out, officially making it a pattern! What’s in it? All kinds of cool things! Step right up and take a look! 

Places to go, People to see, Things to get: 

  • Changed the area around the temple in the Slums to make it look like a busy little bazaar. We added a new, rather colorful character who greets you when you enter this square and introduces the area. 
  • Added another character and his followers near the tower of Zamedi. He will provide a fresh perspective on the tower and share valuable insights with you. 
  • Added a new artefact (a mechanical eye). You can acquire it and, in the best traditions of the Planescape Torment, swap it for one of your own. The eye doesn’t shoot lasers (would be totally cool if you did though), but it can see into other planes, which makes it a rather useful thing to have ... in your eye socket. 
  • The hammer crowd complained that they don’t have a cool hammer, so we gave them … *drumroll* … the Perforator! It’s a handy spiked hammer with a unique icon. 
  • 3 journal pages (not the entire journal yet, but it’s a good start). Now in addition to Quests and Techniques, you get Lore (to collect what you learned from different people in one place), Items for all the Artefacts you managed to get your hands on, and Characters to keep track of people you double- and triple-crossed. The Characters page has only the portrait and the intro text for each character; the effect of your actions will be added in the upcoming updates. Overall, you get 17 Lore entries, 29 character entries, and 15 Artefact entries. There will be a lot more in the full game, obviously. 
  • Added several rare alchemy components in the tower’s library. 
Quest Improvements: 
  • The trial-by-combat is now more customer-oriented. You will be offered a crappy weapon of your choice and even a shield! 
  • Now you can fight Hamza in MG5 if you decide to go to the meeting alone. Aso, you can convince Strabos to tell you what he knows without having to fight Hamza in IG4. You can thank Brandon and his 'smart soldier' and 'tough trader' characters for this suggestion.
  • Now you can handle TG5 peacefully by paying the assassins crew a visit and discussing the situation with them, which means that now you can play the entire thieves questline without having to fight.
  • Now you can get the key to the tower of Zamedi as a Daratan praetor and thief (not only as a Gaelius’ faithful servant), which should make the game more open. We’ll extend this option to the assassins in the upcoming updates. 
General Improvements: 
  • The scroll in Feng's house increases Lore to level 2. If you have 2 or more, you get 5 non-combat skill points instead.
  • The scroll in Antidas’ palace increases Etiquette to level 2. If you have 2 or more, you get 5 non-combat skill points instead.
  • The workbench in the blacksmith house increases Crafting to level 2. If you have 2 or more, you get 5 non-combat points.
  • Coltan either teaches you some Alchemy increasing it to level 2 or gives you a bunch of reagents plus a bottle of liquid fire, if you skill is 2 or more.
  • In Belios house in Teron you get a couple of quicksilver roots instead of a flat Alchemy increase.
  • The amount of money you can give to Reggie has been reduced to reflect the adjusted economy.
  • Added money and reputation rewards for the Arena fights and rebalanced SP gains.
  • Infiltrating the palace now awards some SP.
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues, dialogue loops, camera angles, icons, and such.

Keep in mind that while your save games are still compatible, some changes won’t take any effect until you restart the game. 

As always, we’re very grateful to the Steam community for their support and willingness to try new things. So far, we’re on track for the next month update which should include 5 new locations. We did 2 locations in February and should be able to do the remaining 3 in March. Stay tuned! 

January update - achievements, new characters & quests

Our second update just went live and we’d like to thank you for your support and feedback, which helps us improve and refine the game. 

While we have our own milestones, we’ll continue to release monthly updates based on the feedback we receive. For example, the initial feedback was: 

  • need a tutorial to learn the system without having to restart the game all the time 
  • need more info on the character screen to understand the system better 
  • need more traders in Maadoran and better inventories 
  • more alchemical ingredients

So, that's what we added in the first update. The second main request is more content for Maadoran. Namely, more quests (especially non-combat quests for loremasters, thieves, and grifters) and more characters to talk to in general. In fact, more characters to talk to (and more worldbuilding) is request #1. 

So Update #2 adds: 

  • 65 Achievements to track your progress and playstyles. 
  • 3 characters you can talk to (a storyteller in the local inn – his story is related to what Cassius tells you in Teron, if you escort him to the palace; a beggar (near the entrance to the Slums) who served Antidas during his war with House Aurelian, and a clerk working for one of the caravan masters in the Gate district). 
  • A small adventure for loremasters and explorers of long-forgotten places; to initiate, enter the Slums and talk to the man standing near a well to the left of the entrance. 
  • An arrival of a caravan (an intro quest; just walk towards the arena when you enter the city)
  • A quest revolving around a gem surprisingly similar to the one Feng tries to sell you. To initiate, talk to the owner of the rug store in the Trade district. 
  • 2 unique weapons we didn't have time to do before; explore the lower level of the tower of Zamedi to get this ball rolling (disclaimer: crafting skill required). 
  • Training with Kemnebi and Erebus. 
  • Increased carry weight (you’re welcome). 
  • Historically accurate “wolf” helmet and capes – generous contribution from Lexx, one of the community members 
  • Bug fixes, balance fixes, reputation tweaks, quest reward tweaks (money and skill points), etc.

Enjoy the game. 

December update - tutorial, gui changes, improvements

First of all, we want to thank you for your support, for giving the game a chance and not giving up after dying in the first fight. Means a lot to us.

We're going to update the game regularly, adding more quests and quest solutions, characters, items, techniques, locations, and improving the overall design and visuals, so stay tuned for more updates.

The launch highlighted many issues and generated a lot of feedback, so we spent the last 4 weeks working on the first update. Notable changes:

  • A long overdue tutorial. Now you can fight in a mini-arena against several opponents before you start the game, which will make it easier for new players to learn the system, without the story elements getting in the way and the need to make a new character every time you’re killed. It replaces the awesome difficulty mode, which wasn’t really that awesome or helpful.
  • A new and improved character screen! Now with 50% more info! Must see to believe!
  • 6 new traders in Maadoran with improved inventories and unique items to spend your hard-earned money on.
  • Speaking of your hard-earned money, the economic reforms aimed to deliver prosperity have failed and wiped out everyone’s savings. So, no more running around with pockets full of gold. A free soup kitchen DLC will be added later.
  • A truckload of bug fixes, balance tweaks, reputation adjustments, quest improvements. For example, now you can talk your way out of the ambush in the merchants guild’s questline, have more options during the infiltration of Gaelius’ palace, options during the fight at the Antidas’ compound , Antidas dying now lowers the morale of the Daratan guards, reducing their attack and defense.
  • More training. Earning more skill points and weapon bonuses has never been easier. Just talk to many ever-helpful NPCs (like Dellar and Feng) and they will gladly impart their wisdom unto you (may require high reputation and charisma, terms and conditions may apply).
  • The crafting techniques you have now will no longer have to be acquired in-game as we don’t want you to invest valuable points into Crafting and then fail to find more than 2-3 techniques. New, appropriately rare techniques will be added instead. So, you keep what you have now as your standard set of techniques and get rare techniques if you’re lucky.
  • We’ve started adding alchemical ingredients that you will be able to gather at different places. The demo alchemist will stick around until we finish it.
  • The game now features a built-in crash reporting system. Send us a crash report, and we will know when, how, and how the hell your game crashed!

For a complete and detailed list of changes, check here: Update 1 Changelog

Also, we’re working on Achievements (will be added in the next update). The first batch is 65 achievements tracking your adventures and glory, but we’ll probably have around 120-150 due to the high number of different things you can do in-game.

Sneak preview:

  • Interrogator
  • On His Lordship’s Secret Service
  • "Good Morrow to You, Magistrate!"
  • Under New Management
  • “And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger... And you will know I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon you."
  • Killed more people than malaria (for men of much violence and fans of Justified)
  • "Is life always this hard?"

Achievements Icons Preview

Well, that’s about it. So, go try the updated demo and EA and let us know what you think. Thank you again for your support. We would have never made it this far without you.

Now Available on Steam Early Access - The Age of Decadence

The Age of Decadence is Now Available on Steam Early Access!

The Age of Decadence is an isometric, turn-based, single-player role-playing game set in a low magic, post-apocalyptic fantasy world, inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire. The game features a detailed skill-based character system, multiple skill-based ways to handle quests, choices & consequences, and extensive dialogue trees.

Traditionally, many fantasy RPGs are about killing things, clearing up dungeons, and being a hero. Now, there is nothing wrong with mindless fun and wish fulfillment, but we serve a different meal here. Quoting from one of the reviews:

“Well, if you want a hardcore, heavy metal roleplaying experience that challenges you, this is the ticket. Otherwise, take a pass. The game is vicious, both in its lack of morality and its merciless systems. If you want to be the hero of a story, run and don’t look back. If you want to be Attia of the Julii or be a power player, this is your RPG.”

The focus of the game is not on killing monsters, but rather on dealing with fellow humans and factions, trying to survive – easier said than done – and making a name for yourself. Naturally, to accommodate all that scheming, plotting, and backstabbing, we give the player plenty of choices, from multiple solutions to quests to different paths you can take through the game. You (and your actions) will determine who your friends and enemies are. There are no default good and bad guys.