July update - Maps and improvements

As I mentioned previously, our plan is to go over everything, add all missing or requested content (like alternative solutions), improve flow, fix bugs, etc. The temple (the final location) will be added last.

Improvements, big and small:

- Instead of charging into the breach you can infiltrate a gate tower ninja-style and open the gates.
- You can now travel to the Monastery's inner chamber either via Zamedi (if you know how to use the console or via the portal in the sewers.
- You can peruse the databanks in Zamedi, Hellgate, and Monastery.
- Added a diplomatic option in Al-Akia in the IG questine.
- Added an option to attack fake-Meru.
- You can now craft ammo for bows and crossbows.
- Faster starting time.
- Inferiae's Guardian body looks broken.
- Added a warning if you leave the chargen screen with unspent stat points.
- You can keep unspent SP from character creation when you start a new game
- Added a healer to Ganezzar.
- If you return to the abyss after the fog is cleared, you'll see your old pal Galath.
- Completed the PA questline, returning the PA to Valla (or keeping it for yourself).
- Improved Teron's mining outpost quest. You can leave via the map, the decanus has the key for the chest, you are no longer railroaded in dialogue when the raiders attack.
- You can now wander around Teron after the praetor questline is finished, you are no longer forced to travel to Maadoran.
- Activating the Blue Steel mode in the mining outpost has consequences and rewards.
- New town maps for Teron and Ganezzar.
- Game doesn't end when you end the Ganezzar chapter, only way to end it is to find the temple.
- You now have an option to sabotage the ritual with Meru.
- Optimized projectile lifetime and velocity, resulting in faster turns when ranged characters are involved.
- Added more instances of civil SP rewards.
- Added the option to use your own poison at the outpost. It checks for both poison vials and leaves, and the outcome depends on your alchemy level.
- Improved Al-Akia exterior visuals and flow (chance to save on the expedition).
- Improved the narrative of HD questlines in Ganezzar.


- If you don't accept Varro's offer to join the guild the first time, the option doesn't disappear.
- Fixed issues with tower cellar in New Teron.
- Fixed issue with not being able to leave the tunnels after killing Glabrio in IG8.
- Fixed narrative issues with Faelan and Meru in Al-Akia.
- Fixed issue with inn stairs in Ganezzar.
- Fixed Dead River and Hellgate achievements.
- Fixed issue in AG9 with the entrance to the guild appearing on a side wall.
- Now you can give Bernie the "spear" even if you didn't agree to search for it (or he refused to share his secret).
- Bernie properly leaves when you give him the spear.
- Fixed PA quest endless loop with Esdras.
- Fixed rare issue of black screen when loading a savegame.
- Fixed issue with TG ganezzar questline not starting if you went with Levir to the catacombs.
- Fixed issue with HD armor reward in Teron.
- Fixed narrative issues with Antidas on New Teron versions.
- Several level fixes to Teron levels.
- Fixed bug with Feng not appearing in Terom MG when he should be, plus bad teleporting when talking with him.
- Fixed bug with Aemolas appearing in Terom MG when he shouldn't be.
- Fixed issues with map screen and repeating intro in Al-Akia when sent by HD to blow up the place.
- Fixed issue with IG7 triggering when you exit Al-Akia in other questlines.
- When talking with Soldiers in the Hangar, House Aurelian being destroyed is recognized.
- You can no longer take the inferiae portal if Maadoran was destroyed.
- Fixed Specter phrases.
- Fixed ending issues for when Meru dies in Al-Akia.


- The alchemist at Teron's Inn now sells you some alchemy ingredients (free ingredients removed).
- You can open hellgate's entrance door with the key.
- Changed text on Maadoran gate, opens the world map.
- Teron Bandit Camp quest now grants 10 SP (was 5 SP).
- Convincing Carrinas to go to the inn in HD2 grants 2 civil SP.
- Dellar doesn't take the mining outpost power tube from you.
- Teron Doctor name changed to Medicus.
- Power Armor Gauntlet weight set to 0 (It's part of the armor).
- Characters created with block higher or equal to dodge get a buckler on character creation.
- Regeneration works outside of combat.

Combat Balance:

- Reduced Power Armor shield to 6 DR, increased vsCS and vsRanged to 35.
- Anubis PA mode now grants HP regeration, 1 point per level. RA mode gives +2 STR, +2DEX, +2HP Regen.
- Pickaxe and shovel can now attack diagonally.
- Healing balms stop bleeding if used in combat (but doesn't restore HP).
- Rebalanced fights with the assassin and the merceneary at the vignette. Combat changes since their original placement made them harder than intended.
- Entangle duration increased by 1.
- Throwing weapons had wrong damage values, they were higher than they should have been for the AP cost. Plus also wrong passive effects values.
- Balanced crossbow damage, min damage higher, max damage lower, in general.
- Hammer knockdown effect activates on hit, damage reduced, costs less AP.

Well, that's about it. More content, improvements and fixes coming next month. As always, your support and feedback are highly appreciated.

June update - 21 out of 22 locations are now available!

New content:

- 2 new locations: Hellgate and Dead River
- 2 new enemy types: a spider-like constuct and a giant scorpion

- a loremaster who lost most of his marbles, an elder who can't show you his face because he's too pretty, and 2 new items (the Divine Spear and a homemade protection amulet)

- a second conversation with your 'friend from the other side'; keep in mind that the Aegis suit will protect you from the 'elements' but not from the 'friend' who will kill you unless you're working for Balzaar now.


- Darius' armor, Al-Sahir's armor, and Bringer of Storms (broadsword) have unique icons.
- Nets now appear on affected characters' models.
- Rebalanced stats of unique weapons and armor.
- Balanced the number of nets found on traders.
- Balanced and added dialogue checks to improve flow
- Added more civil SP rewards.
- Tweaked armor and helmet crafting schematics.
- You can now craft Lorica Hamata (chainmail).
- Buying price now goes from 125 to 100 percent (before: 150 to 100).
- Antidote is available earlier, more levels.


- Fixed camera issue after asking the blacksmith to repair items.
- Critical strike to arms reduced dexterity instead of strength.
- Nets' effect doesn't stack anymore.
- Fixed most (hopefully all) coordinates issue and crashes in old and new Teron
- Fixed dialogue illustrations' issues in certain screen resolutions.
- Added armor damage chance to all weapons
- Added a proper conversation with Cado in MG Teron. Now all issues with repeating quests and teleporting should be fixed.
- Fixed issue with Aemolas and some merchants teleporting in new Teron versions.
- You can't attack Faelan while under his control anymore (when he forces you to fight your comrades).[/list]

What's left?

- the final location (the temple) and the associated endgame content
- the monastery's lower level, accessible via portals
- to be able to use the console at the tower of Zamedi and access the databanks
- negative reputation effects
- extra quest options, like infiltrating a tower instead of charging into the breach or being able to talk your way past the Aurelian soldiers
- extra quests like Lord Miltiades long awaited arrival to Ganezzar (only if you vouched for him and said that he's the noblest of men.
- extra flavor like the body of a certain 'god' being displayed for a few coins, minor conversations here and there, extra training, etc.[/list]

We'll save the temple for last and focus on everything else for now, improving and polishing the experience leading up to the temple.

Once again, thank you for your support and patience. We wouldn't have made it this far without you giving the game a chance.

May update - added Ganezzar, the ruins of Al-Akia, and Hangar

It took us almost 9 months of work to finish the third Chapter. Some of you have participated in the opt-in beta, so you know what to expect. For those who've been patiently waiting or just joining us, here is an overview:

- the third city and two related locations
- 20 new quests, 10 side-quests and situations, over 30 new NPCs
- new items (new uniques, artefact, new armor - lorica hamata, power armor with 4 different modes and 3 power levels)
- tons of system changes and various improvements
- helmet and shield crafting, various Crafting improvements
- improved balance, more skill points
- new achievements, updated journal pages
- improved combat feedback: attack tooltips and combat panel.
- optimization (the game should run much faster especially in the cities)
- proper endings

Due to the system changes, we *strongly* suggest to start a new game. You should be able to use your existing saves but they won't have all the scripts and changes.

Overall, 19 locations out of 22 are now available. We estimate that we'll need 3 months to finish the remaining locations (since none of them is a city).

What's left are the temple you were sent to find and two locations leading to it (dead river and hellgate). We'll start on Dead River tomorrow and keep you posted.

Since the beta is over, we're switching to monthly updates - expect the next update in early June.

As always, thank you for your support and patience.

Ganezzar beta - week 10

Almost there.


Here is the list of all currently available content for the 3 'beta' locations:

  • Ganezzar’s Faction questlines (HD, HA, HC, MG, AG, TG, IG)
  • Maadoran is destroyed scenario
  • House Aurelian is destroyed scenario

Ganezzar’s side quests and situations

  • Plague (unlocks Dead River)
  • Elias (unlocks 2 questlines)
  • Trader’s blackmail
  • Power armor quest
  • Zealots when you enter the city
  • If Arena champion – the fort
  • Hector’s quests
  • Darganus' quests

Ganezzar’s NPCs to talk to:

  • Philosopher
  • Preacher
  • Cartographer (quest-related)
  • Nobleman
  • MG clerk
  • Guard at the stairs
  • Local guide
  • Zealot near the pillar of skulls
  • Refugee
  • Mercenary
  • Annalist
  • Feng
  • The Second Acolyte
  • Zealot in the tavern
  • Amulet trader


  • The ritual (need Meru)
  • First of the Magi’s Log
  • Administrator’s Log
  • Qantari Sword
  • Aegis (artefact)


  • Ship: need the jellyfish artefact and either the mantra or high Lore to pilot
  • Gunner’s log
  • Captain’s log
  • Ghost Hand (artefact, in case you couldn't get one at the pass)

All this content is in. Today's updated added another arena (the fort, only if you're the champion of Maadoran's arena, otherwise keep walking), Hector and Darganus' quests, honorary mention of your pal Miltiades, the annalist, the Second Acolyte (if there is the First Acolyte, why not the second?), Claudia - a charming country girl with the heart of gold and her own portrait, your old pal Feng, extended conversation with Varro about his motives, and probably something else.

What's still missing?

  • The final Hector/Darganus' quests.
  • Tower infiltration to open the gates (siege only).
  • Journal (we're half done but didn't have a chance to finish it).
  • Achievements

We should be able to do everything but the achievements in a week. If there are no issues with the existing content, we'll end the beta and release this content to Early Access.


We added the long awaited Legatus' tent, some siege elements, improved Meru's throne room, added new houses and interiors.

We also added new portraits, several new items and new icons for the existing unique items.


  • Armor can be damaged in combat and repaired. Damaged armor has lower Damage Resistance. Take it to your local blacksmith for repair or repair it yourself with the magic of Crafting!
  • Hardened and Hardened Edge techniques no longer increase damage or DR. Never liked it, didn't have anything to replace them with. Until now! Now they increase armor's hardness (defense against damage to DR not your health) and weapon's hardness (chance to damage armor's DR)
  • But what about my damage? Not to worry, my good man, buy yourself a sharpening stone and go nuts. Keep in mind, the stones come from a mine up north and are somewhat of a rarity, so use them wisely.
  • Now you can craft helmets and shields! Aint that something?
  • Now you get up to 4 techniques (that's like twice as many!)
  • Changes to armor stats and block (lower penalties, higher DR to compensate for damage and removed Hardened technique); the Imperial Armor will turn you into a juggernaut.

* * *

Some pictures for the easily amused:



Meru continues on his journey of self-discovery

Hammer creatively called That Which Kills, Darius' armor, one-handed spear (as requested) called Vindicator.

Ganezzar beta - week 7

This week's changelog:

  • Added a House Daratan quest if Maadoran or House Aurelian is destroyed and if you rejected Lord Meru's offer.
  • Added a conversation with Meru at the ruins of Al-Akia (when you enter the complex)
  • Added 'plague' side quest
  • Added an opportunity to blackmail one of the traders
  • Added the first quest in a longer branching side quest chain and corresponding characters - find Elias in one of Lowtown's buidlings to get the ball rolling
  • You can continue to Ganezzar from Maadoran's catacombs
  • Fixed a coordinate bug in the outpost near Teron when climbing the fence
  • Reduced armor penalties for blockers (cut in half)
  • STR is now the governing stat of Block (once again and in light of recent changes)
  • CON provides a small defensive bonus; we're considering a larger bonus to reduce armor's penalties (which makes sense)

The next update will be released by the end of the month. It will include:

  • visual improvements and art assets
  • new side quests, probably 4-5, maybe more
  • new characters to talk to (working on an annalist who can tell about House Crassus' origins as we speak)
  • extended conversations with the faction leaders (personal stories and such)
  • hopefully new portraits - Hector needs one
  • possibly a couple of items requested by the community: a custom short spear and a sledgehammer
  • journal entries

As always, we thank you for your support and patience.

Ganezzar beta - week 6

This week's changelog:

  • Added 'House Aurelian is ruined' scenario
  • Added two NPCs in Ganezzar (a philosopher and a preacher in the Temple district)
  • Added option to break the siege with the ship and a proper chapter ending
  • Fixed issues in 'Maadoran is destroyed' scenario
  • Combat AI changes - the enemies will target unprotected heads
  • Block changes aimed to support lightly armored blockers (wip):
    - Increased the base defense for block for each skill point from 10 to 15.
    - Block is affected by armor defense penalty.
    - Increased chance to fully block attacks.
    - Decreased dodge mobility bonus per tile.

We're almost done with the faction questlines. One last quest and we can start working on the side quests, the visuals, and the journal.

So roughly, we'll add that faction quest and some side quests next week, the remaining side quests the week after, the journal and possibly achievements by the end of the month.

As always, we thank you for your support and patience.

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